Making HR Simple for Small Businesses

"Doing" HR can become complicated and time consuming. We make it easy for all small business owners to recruit, manage, and develop their team, with our wrap around service, access to our partner HR app Enable HR, and our low monthly cost. We enable you do HR well, right from the start!

Employment Agreements

Save that worry and stress by using a service especially designed for small businesses, we ask all the right questions. Ensure you have the correct agreement for your business/ employee and any necessary clauses.

Outsource your Human Resources with Livewire HR | Problems and support solved | Hamilton, Tauranga, Waikato Region

Outsourced HR

We understand small family owned businesses and provide access to HR advice, resources and support. What is your biggest problem? How can we solve it?

We can help you with foundational support and policy development through to employment relations and day-to-day HR operations.

Workshops & Training

To tranform your workplace training is a vital part of your continuous development of your team and organisation.  Make training part of your workplace to engage, motivate and increase your productivity. 


"Rebecca helped me get a positive result out of a tricky contractor VS employer situation, where expectations over a contracting role morphed into employee territory. She walked me through the process,  kept a cool head and knew all the ins and outs of the HR 'stuff' that can often get overlooked during the process. With such a great experience and a calm nature, I would recommend Rebecca to anyone I know needing HR help!" Natalie


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