Sleep is Required!!

May 15, 2018
As a mum of what used to be a small child, the lack of sleep was sometimes the worst part about being a parent. Im not sure if I was ever really awake those first three years of his life. The yearning for sleep was always at the top of the list including the washing, fe...
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March 1, 2018
Im a little in love with TED talks. Have you watched them? Some of my favourites are:
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Last year was a crazy year of change for me. So much change, that in ways it became overwhelming. I had moved, mourned the final loss of babyness with my baby going to school, I changed my company name and basically had to start from scratch. Last but not least, my favourite...
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Gratitude in the workplace

December 4, 2017
– by Rebecca Jenkins, Livewire HR. The act of gratitude in itself has been noted to make people feel better about their life. Often in the workplace, the niceties of social interaction are dropped in the name of efficiencies and productivity. Studies however, show that gra...
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New legislation for health and safety (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 - HSWA) came into force in April 2016. It’s a year on, and still it seems that small businesses are still wondering how it affects them. They either don’t quite understand what they are supposed to...
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Why I do what I do

October 18, 2017
Simon Sinek believes that when workers understand the 'why' of a company they are more likely to be motivated and engaged plus are more productive in the workplace. It is always an interesting question. The question was asked of me today and I realised that I had actual...
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We love a good competition!

September 26, 2017

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Yep that's right we love our chocolate. Instead of it going on to our hips, we thought we would share the love!...
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You may have noticed the new name. Introducing Livewire HR. HR Solutions has a new name, but still has the same great service! You may be asking why the change? Well as we grow, we wanted to stand on our own two feet, and have a name that aptly describes how we feel we are t...
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Our Health and Safety Template Reduced for Today only!!

We are passionate about getting small businesses to start their health and safety journey. All too often we hear that it is expensive and in the too hard basket. So after some humming and harring about it, I decided we just had to start. Start somewhere, anywhere to get smal...
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Slow to Recruit

February 12, 2017
Almost every time I have hired in desperation, I have been stuck with a person who has either upset the balance within the team, or theycreated more work for me. Recruiting the right person becomes even moreimportant in these economic times and recruiting effectively ju...
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