Save time, money and a whole lot of worry with our
Employment Agreement service!

We realised that many small businesses use the Ministry of Business Innovation & Enterprises' Agreement Builder. The feedback we got was that it never looked easy to read, was formatted badly, couldn't easily add branding, and sometimes clauses were missed because the box wasn't ticked. This makes it hard when trying to enforce something, and it is not in the employment agreement. 

Our employment agreement service takes the pressure off you.

We ensure that:

  • you have an agreement specific for your business
  • has the correct details in it for your candidate/employee
  • ensures that you aren't missing any clauses that are necessary for your business
  •  is back to you quickly and efficiently (within 24 hours)
  • comes with a letter of offer (bonus)
  • is written in a way that is employer supportive

3 simple steps

Our employment agreement service makes your job as a business owner simple by following our three step process!

Step 1: Complete our online employment builder form and return it to us.

Step 2: Within 24 hrs we send your completed employment agreements back to you.

Step 3: You give it to your employee or candidate!

You get an up to date employment agreement completed as per your requirements within 24 hrs. We guarantee to have your agreement back within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). 
We also send you a letter of offer attached to give to your employee or candidate as an additional bonus!

Make your life easy... save time... get compliant!

Click one the right link for you and start the process now!


We used Livewire for our employment agreement and were very impressed with the service.  We loved using the online system and had our agreement back within 24 hours and a follow up telephone call from Rebecca checking a few matters.  She was very professional and a wealth of knowledge! Thanks Rebecca

Choose an Employment Agreement that fits:

Terms and Conditions

* The completed form must be returned to us completed with all the information required. If any details are missed out, and/or we then need to contact you, this 24 hour guarantee does not apply.


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