Crash Course in Employment Matters


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We help new business owners and employers develop their employment management skills to manage staff effectively.

Our workshop covers:

- Employee vs Contractor.

- Recruitment

- Legal Requirements

- Managing Mistakes

- Engaging your staff for improved productivity

Once you have completed the workshop you will have a good understanding of the differences between an employee and contractor and which will work best for your business. You will be able to ensure that the boundaries between the two are clear and concise. 

You will understand how to recruit effectively, choosing the right person for your business, and how to ensure that you have everything in place before they start to protect your business legally. 

While mistakes do happen at work, you will know what processes should be taken and how to work through those effectively to reduce risks of personal grievance. Managing mistakes at work will mean that you will be confident in the decisions you make when dealing with disciplinary procedures and how to continue to build a great relationship with your employees afterwards. 

Finally in engaging staff your productivity will increase! Yes look after your staff and they will look after your business is nothing but true. You will receive great tools to accomplish this. 

Your workbook from the workshop will remind you of all the great information and tools that you can take with you into your business and will include templates around recruitment. 

Workshop includes morning tea, lunch. 

Purchase your ticket, and put yourself back in control with confidence when building your team and growing your business. 

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