90-day Trial Notice Letter


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The 90-day trial is a god send to small business owners allowing them to trial a person for 90 days to ensure that the person is suitable in the role. If used properly, it gives you the peace of mind when it come to recruiting. If you decide to dismiss an employee under the 90-day trial
clause, there are some clear guidelines.

Both parties must have the notice period clearly outlined in the employment agreement.    

The notice must be given within the trial period even if the notice overlaps the 90-days.

Doesn’t have to give a reason for the dismissal, however best practice is that the employee understands why they are being dismissed. The employer must explain the reasons if the employee asks for one.

As with all things, the employer must act in good faith and not disadvantage the employee in their employment relationship.

A simple letter outlining the dismissal is an important part of the process.

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