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We offer a range of HR subscription packages, designed to suit the different needs of small to medium businesses.


This is our 'get you going' package, perfect for those looking for confidence in getting started with HR.


This is the next step in HR solutions, designed to be perfect for those looking for more than just the basics.


This is our most complete and comprehensive option, perfect for those wanting the full suite of HR solutions and support.


This is our Premium package but for those with larger teams and looking for the additional support that requires.

NO setup costs!! Just one simple monthly fee.

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Transitioning in the Workplace.

When an employee is transitioning, the very first thing to do is sit down and have a chat! Let them know that they can absolutely bring a support person and then make time to chat and develop an actiRead more

What makes a good leader?

When we asked over 13,000 business people in New Zealand what they think makes a great leader, we had a huge response! Turns out, people are passionate about leadership and are very clear about whatRead more

Restructuring and Redundancy in 2020

Delivering the news about organisational restructures and redundancies is never easy!  Unfortunately, during this unprecedented time with Covid-19, redundancies and restructures are quicklyRead more

COVID 19 Update #1 - Wage Subsidy 101

We understand that this is an extremely stressful time for many New Zealanders and that many of you are facing changes and challenges to your business. We want to support you every step of the wayRead more

Red Brain vs Green Brain - surviving the Covid-19 virus

I wanted to reach out to you all - with the Covid-19 hanging over everyone's heads, being in HR & H&S, I thought now would be a good time to impart a little wisdom <3 I studied psychology atRead more

Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace...

While there have currently been no cases of Coronavirus in New Zealand to date, it has been established that the risk of a case occurring in New Zealand is relatively high. This has been a concernRead more

Making Changes to Employment Agreements 101

In business, employment relationships are constantly changing. Business requirements change, new hours become available, new changes to wage laws come out… all of which require the employmentRead more

Domestic Violence in the Workplace!

Domestic Violence - Victims Protection Bill 2018 With the introduction of a huge piece of legislation about to hit Employers, it's time to get a little understanding before it arrives. Domestic VioRead more

Silly Season is almost upon us!

Our top tips for surviving your company's Christmas party We have all heard about the person who made a fool of themselves at the staff party, or the person who was hit on by the Manager whilst theRead more

Shutdown Periods

Christmas is coming, time to organise your shutdown period! Most companies decide to shutdown and give their workers time with friends and family. I consider this a good business decision for aRead more

Contractors vs Employees

Is there an easy solution? I had a client that was classed as an independent contractor by the company they worked for. My client came to me because they had been let go with no notice and theRead more

Sleep is required!!

As a mum of what used to be a small child, the lack of sleep was sometimes the worst part about being a parent. I'm not sure if I was ever really awake those first three years of his life. TheRead more

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"Thanks so much Rebecca. HoneyBliss has contracted Rebecca's expertise with her intern employment package. The templates and instruction provide a great resource which I can turn to with new employees for a long time to come. Even better, they get updated as laws change. Thanks so much."


Honey Bliss

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