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Slow to Recruit

Almost every time I have hired in desperation, I have been 
stuck with a person who has either upset the balance within the team, or they
created more work for me. Recruiting the right person becomes even more
important in these economic times and recruiting effectively just makes good
business sense.

Your staff are key to your business success in that they complete
the work set out, hitting the productivity levels required to make your
business profitable. They also are part of creating a culture, and a productive
culture is one where they are supported through active leadership and
communication. As a business owner it is important that you have people who are
happy to get out of bed each morning, come to work and put in the energy
required for the job at hand. This kind of employee is not that hard to find,
but it does take patience and effort. It requires you to sift through CVs and
ask those tough questions during interviews and referencing, while having a
clear picture in your mind what you are looking for. It may also mean taking on
a staff member casually or as a fixed term position at first to see if the fit
is good. Sometimes this is impossible but on the most part this does allow you
to get to know the person.

Why do you need to hire at the moment? Is it because you
have more work than you can handle, or is it something else? Are you needing a
particular skill? Entrepreneur Lisa Messenger suggests you should be hiring
your weaknesses. There is nothing worse than two ideas people and no one to
actually carry out the work! Or are you not so worried about the skills set but
want the right attitude? This requires you to really understand your needs, and
your ability to lead and manage people within your business.

Livewire HR can help you find the right people, set up
appropriate strategies for contracts, create a productive, happy culture and
assist with underperforming staff.  Take
your recruiting to the next level, contact us at Livewire HR!


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