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Why do I do what I do?

Simon Sinek believes that when workers understand the 'why' of a company, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged plus are more productive in the workplace. It is always an interesting question.

The question was asked of me today, and I realised that I had forgotten why I am an HR Specialist, or why I am so passionate about standing up for the little person. To me, it is simple! I was one of those 'little people'. I was an employer managing staff who were unreliable, who stole, and who had life problems I helped them through. I was an employee, and I was not always treated the best. It wasn't just one employer or colleague who treated me badly either.

From the employer who suggested that while you were a good worker, your religion was holding you back and you should get more involved with out-of-work activities with your colleagues, or the employer who told you to go out the back with the produce boy and you both could 'muck' around with each other, or the employer who called you "Blondie" at least until the next younger blonde model came along.

Then there are colleagues who decide they just don't like you, so make your life a little bit like hell each and every day at work, or when you refused to complete something for a colleague as it was against protocol, thought it was acceptable to leave you a message of her screaming down the phone demanding you follow her orders.

I could go on, but those are just some of the examples I've experienced in the workplace.

While I never planned on going into HR, human resources is where I have ended up and for good reason. I resonated with the employers who couldn't find a good worker who was reliable and would turn up each day having been a manager. I resonated with employees who were getting bullied, harassed, sexually harassed, or who just had bad managers because of my above experiences.

So why do I do what I do? I do it because I believe we need to make the experience of work more enjoyable, considering we spend so much time doing it. I do it because employers need to learn how to be good managers and leaders, and I do it because they need the skills to manage situations within the workplace effectively. I do it because I want people to not experience the challenges I faced within the workplace. I do it because I am passionate about making the workplace a safe and healthy place to be in each day.

So if you ever wonder why people end up doing what they do...I dare you to ask! It may highlight something that is important to them in their life that they have forgotten. It may clarify to them that their mission in life is important. It may even give them the boost of motivation to keep going.

Keep making the world we live in a little better with each little change. 

Happy Thursday!

Rebecca :)


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