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I'm a little in love with TED talks. Have you watched them? Some of my favourites are: 
Or this one
Or this one

I was challenged last year to take what I know as a recruiter/HR Specialist and take it to Parents and students, giving informative and funny #TED Styled talk about landing your first job. 

What were your first experiences when you left school and went out into the workforce? Mine were a little bit on the chin, but more than that they would be classed as discrimination, sexual harassment, and not acting in 'good faith' (more stories to come ) in today's standards.

One decided that I wasn't involved enough with my team mates outside of work, and that my religion was the issue but that was my only performance problem. Another thought that it was acceptable to tell me to go out the back with the 'boy' and 'muck' around. I thought what a perve! These are situations that I will never forget. I felt a little taken back that an employer thought that was acceptable, and a little uncomfortable about what I had gotten myself in for. I didn't want to be in these situations at all.

How to Life ~ Landing your First Job is for students who are looking at taking on a part time job, or who are entering the workforce for the first time whether after leaving school or university.

Talking about funny CV mistakes, bad first impressions, and a whole teeny tiny bit about doing it right when you land your job to make sure you keep it. We give you ways of dealing with situations that make you uncomfortable and when to run!

For parents, it means one step towards #emptynest but these are skills that your kids will use for a lifetime. Sometimes it is just about a third person telling them what you've been telling them for ages. #Itoldyouso

We invite you to come along with your teenagers, and make a night of it. Purchase your tickets today off our website. 


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