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Sleep is required!!

As a mum of what used to be a small child, the lack of sleep was sometimes the worst part about being a parent. I'm not sure if I was ever really awake those first three years of his life. The yearning for sleep was always at the top of the list including the washing, feeding the family, and cleaning the house. There was always something else that I needed to do.

Fatigue is one of the biggest reasons for mistakes and accidents happening at work. Fatigue can be caused by only one reason and one reason only...lack of good quality sleep. Lack of sleep can literally make someone go crazy, it would work quickly and I am in no way suggesting it a slight on mums all over the world 🤣.

When we don't get enough sleep we start acting differently (in my case a lot grumpier), we experience a loss of appetite, weariness, reduced concentration, tiredness, anxiety and/or depression, reduced productivity, reduced physical and mental performance. I could go on but I think you get the point.

Sleep is vital to us performing well. Sleep ensures that we are able to keep ourselves and others safe. Sleep help us to loose weight. Sleep is the most important thing - and we should ensure that we prioritise it. 7-9 hours a night - but only you will know exactly how much sleep you need each night. For me 8.5 hours is amazing and I am zooming around every day all day!

While one night may do little to us (except feeling tired), those that experience it on a regular basis slowly create a sleep debt. This sleep debt can only be lessened by good quality sleep.

Top 3 tips for improving sleep

  1. Go to sleep at a regular time if possible (shift workers will struggle with this). Try not to use an alarm to wake yourself

  2. Make sure you have no devices or additional lights on during your sleep. Basically the darker (and cooler) the room, the better sleep you will have

  3. Don't eat to heavily or drink alcohol/caffeine too soon before bed.

For more details on Fatigue or you would like more information on implementing a Fatigue policy in your workplace contact me on 021 918331 or email rebecca@livewirehr.co.nz.


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