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The Silly Season is almost upon us!

Our top tips for surviving your company's Christmas party...

We have all heard about the person who made a fool of themselves at the staff party, or the person who was hit on by the Manager whilst the Manager was drunk. This time of year, people just think about having a good time, without thinking of the repercussions their actions whilst under the influence. Businesses need to be proactive with setting the tone for staff parties without ruining the fun.

Here are my top 5 tips for having a great staff party:

1. Lead from the top! Leaders should be role modelling the appropriate behaviour during the Christmas party. Leaders should ensure they are familiar with the organisations policies and procedures, and how to intervene when they see risky behaviours occurring at such events. 

2. Ensure staff know what is expected of them before, during and after the party. Highlighting the company’s policies and procedures around such an event is important. Discussing dressing to company standards, their behaviours during the event, being mindful of the amount of alcohol there are drinking and how they are leaving after the Christmas party, i.e. getting a taxi home are all important topics to keep everyone safe.

3. Mitigate your health and safety requirements. Alcohol should be served responsibly; with food, and limited to a specific place and for a specific amount of time. This goes hand in hand with assessing and managing your health and safety risks and implementing controls proactively. 

4. Don’t talk shop!! Yes, it’s true, the last thing you should be doing at a Christmas Party is talking about work! Keep that for work times. In fact, Christmas parties are a great time to talk to those that you don’t usually at work. Keep conversations light and fun, staying away from gossip, bad jokes, and using your one-liner to hit on the office ladies. 

5. Have a Sober Buddy or a Designated Work “Aunt”. A Sober Buddy or Work Aunt is a person who ensures that everyone has fun without breaking the rules. Management can give them some helpful guidelines as to when to step in when workmates step out of line.

While I hope your company Christmas party goes off without a hitch, it is important to note that should anything go down that isn’t appropriate, that HR or management will step in as soon as possible and take action to investigate and deal with it. Standing back is NOT an option.

Keeping these top tips in the front of your mind as you enter into the “silly season” will ensure everyone returns to their duties after the Christmas party without incident, nor threat of disciplinary.

Keep safe and enjoy the festive season!



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