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What makes a good leader?

When we asked over 13,000 business people in New Zealand what they think makes a great leader, we had a huge response! Turns out, people are passionate about leadership and are very clear about what they want from their leaders. 

Here is a list of the top 20 responses:

What makes a good leader?

1.   They are supportive and have your back.
2.   They give their staff space to grow.
3.   They listen and consider other ideas.
4.   They communicate well (especially instructions, values and expectations).
5.   They make company vision and values clear to everyone.
6.   They are approachable.
7.   They have confidence in staff to do their work and don't micro-manage.
8.   They show empathy to their staff.
9.   They consistently show that they trust their staff.
10. They work alongside staff.
11. They are compassionate.
12. They are flexible and understanding about employees needing a family life.
13. They are trustworthy and builds trust with their staff.
14. They are kind.
15. They see their staff as people and treats them as they would want to be treated.
16. They don’t take sides during conflict or show favouritism.
17. They empower their staff.
18. They are fair.
19. They know how to create fun in the workplace and has a sense of humour.
20. They appreciate their staff and say thank you often. 

So, what does this really mean for the managers and business owners out there? It is a huge paradigm shift from even the 1940s and '50s when women started entering the workforce in numbers and authoritative leadership was normal. The expectations of employees and how they want to be treated have changed, which means we have to rearrange what we always considered to be normal for work. 

This doesn't mean you have to be fluffy or have staff walk all over you!

What it does mean, is that as managers we must "lean in" and be human in our interactions with our employees (and contractors) especially if you want to keep the good ones. 

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