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Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

Tips and Tricks

After a much-needed break, you are now probably facing the reality of life getting back to ‘normal’, spending your days working, counting down the days to the next long weekend. The Christmas/ New Year’s break is officially over for many of us; however, the sun is still out and the summer heat is just ramping up which may make going back to work hard.  It is normal to feel a little glum and unmotivated in your first few days back. 

The good news is, is that you are not alone, a study in 2017 showed that 57% of employees return from their holiday feeling depressed or deflated. Not many of us can say that we are ready to return from holiday. You may return to work in a sour mood, potentially not as approachable to your colleagues, which may have an impact on the team culture and productivity.

These feelings will most likely pass once you get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips to getting back into the norm and starting the work year off strong!

Take it easy 
Both your body and brain need to adjust back to work-life after your holiday – it’s ok to take a couple of days to reach your full productivity.

Plan your next holiday
Get excited about the future, this negates the opportunity to reminisce about the past. Additionally, a forward-thinking mindset indirectly contributes to engagement in your work.

Refresh your workspace
Add a breath of fresh air into your environment – this could be as simple as bring in a small plant for your desk.

Do something that makes you happy
This may include getting some exercise or making time to get outside and enjoying your evenings. Doing something that makes you happy will help release the feel-good brain chemicals that help regulate mood.

Goal setting
Set some goals or challenges you would like to conquer throughout the year and identify what the prize will be to celebrate those wins. 

The good news is, is that your ‘post-holiday blues’, like the excitement that preceded them, are temporary. There is no right way to cope with the post-holiday life, just do what works for you 😊


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