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New Year New Start

How are your batteries feeling? Recharged or needing a boost?

If you need a boost then don't delay, prioritise it today!

Because here’s the thing, if you don’t make time to take a break, then at some point something will give.  Sadly, it can fester and soon enough your body will start to give you physical and or mental signs of fatigue.


  • Connect with others  - Whether you do it at the over a coffee, exercising, movies, dinner or a simple phone call.    
  • Get Active  -  Get plenty of fresh air in the great outdoors.
  • Get a good nights sleep  - Turning off all devices, shut out the noise, listen to calming music an hour prior to bedtime helps assist with a deep sleep
  • A balanced diet - help your mind, body and soul perform at peak levels by wmaking informed choices about what goes in it

According to Work Safe NZ and ACC, fatigue is often one of the underlying causes of workplace accidents.  It reduces alertness and in turn leading to errors and or, worse still, workplace accidents. 

More worrying, mental health burnout is on the rise. We need to prioritise taking regular breaks throughout the year to recharge our batteries, unclutter our minds and think clearer.  Thereby, making better choices, being more productive, healthier and in general be a happier person.

So what are you waiting for?   Make those small changes in your lives now, New Year New Start.

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