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Employment Agreements

Employment agreements are an essential part of a business. In fact, a signed employment agreement is a legal requirement for any business with an employee.  They ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that the rights of both parties are protected to create a healthy, legally compliant, and mutually beneficial working relationship. 

We ensure that our employment agreements are comprehensive, simple to understand, and affordable. All of our employment agreements are written by experienced employment specialists and checked over by a lawyer to ensure peace of mind for our clients. 

If you're not sure what would be best to include in your employment agreement, our team can advise you on the most suitable options and clauses depending on your unique situation. 

Agri- Agreements

We also offer employment agreements for agricultural businesses. These employment agreements are written specifically for those in the agricultural sector because we know that there are some unique aspects to these employment relationships.

Our agri-agreements can cover accommodation terms, tenancy agreements, health and safety, and more. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we will do the rest.

Just like with our regular employment agreements, if you are not sure what would be best to include in your agri-agreement, our team can advise you on the most suitable options and clauses dependent on your unique situation. 


Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are an essential tool in employment. This document details all of the tasks and responsibilities which your employee is expected to perform. It also includes the qualifications and skills needed to complete the role, as well as who the role reports to.

A job description will help to guide you both in the recruitment process, to ensure you are clear about what the role requires, and in your performance management reviews, when considering how well your employee is fulfilling the role. 

Need an employment agreement?

Our friendly team of employment experts would love to help. If you have some questions about employment agreements, or would like to have an employment agreement made up for your business, simply contact our team of employment experts on 0800 HR LIVE or email info@livewirehr.co.nz

Alternatively, head to our contact page, fill out the contact form, and one of our friendly team will be in touch. 


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