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Performance Management

Managing employee performance includes a wide range of activities that help to develop great teams and workplaces. Most of these activities are based around performance reviews which are used to review the performance of employees, setting objectives together, and identifying development and training needs. These reviews are a continual process and help to make sure you are communicating with your employees consistently, which allows them to develop and perform their job well. 

Another part of performance management is managing poor performance. These issues can come up in a performance review or can be raised at other times. Having a plan in place to manage poor performance before it is an issue can help you to navigate these situations in a positive, supportive, and fair manner which can make a big difference to your team. 

Our HR experts can help you to develop performance management plans and advise you if you are having any challenges. Just let us know what you need, and we will do the rest.


Occasionally there are incidences of misconduct in the workplace. This is different from poor performance in that misconduct is much more serious and is a breach of your employment contract. When conducting a disciplinary process, it is important to follow your procedures set out in your employment agreement or workplace policies and ensure that the process is fair and in good faith. 

Depending on the severity of the misconduct, these processes may lead to informal actions, warnings, suspension, and in severe cases, dismissal. However, if not done correctly, disciplinary actions can result in legal action such as a personal grievance, so it is recommended that you seek advice before you start and make sure to follow the processes set in place. 

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