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Are you thinking about recruiting a new team member? Recruitment can be exciting as a new team member can bring in new skills, more diversity, and new ideas into the company, which can create a massive positive impact. However, the wrong person in the wrong position can create far more problems then it solves, so careful consideration before you hire and following a good process is essential. 

Before you start, consider:

  • Can you afford a new employee and the cost of recruitment?
  • What kind of employee will fit your business?
  • How are you going to recruit?
  • How to make sure you comply with legal requirements?

Careful consideration of these topics is a great start to the recruitment process, and, as always, you can always call one of our employment experts for a free consultation to talk over your plan and get some advice on 0800 HR LIVE. 

Ready to hire?

Our team are experts in all things recruitment and can offer different levels of support, based on your individual needs. We offer full recruitment packages right through to simply writing your advertisements. Whatever you need, we can help. 


Our recruitment packages range from $3000-$5000 +gst, depending on the position you are trying to fill and your specific requirements. These packages are comprehensive and include advertising, candidate selection, interviews, employment agreements, and job descriptions. 

We also offer recruitment support, employment agreements, and job descriptions with our subscription packages which can be an economical way to get recruitment support. For more information on these packages, click here.

Looking to recruit?

Our friendly team of employment experts would love to help. If you have some questions about recruitment, or would like us to do the recruitment process for you, simply contact our team of employment experts on 0800 HR LIVE or email info@livewirehr.co.nz

Alternatively, head to our contact page, fill out the contact form, and one of our friendly team will be in touch. 


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